How We Can Win

Our kids are smart, our banks are sound, our health care system is humane, our democracy is stable—but technological change is about to disrupt our economy and threaten our way of life.

Canadians aren’t ready for the race to the future. Can we still catch up—or even win? Yes, says Anthony Lacavera, one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. But we need to change the way we think and talk about our own abilities—dream bigger, aim higher and go for gold, not bronze.

Create an economy powered by innovation not oil

Stop settling for good enough and go for great

Bet on Canadian talent and brains

Embrace competition



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A brave, bold book that nails it: if we want jobs for our kids, we have to
stop thinking of ambition as unCanadian and competition as not nice.
How We Can Win is a roadmap to the future.

Arlene Dickinson, Author and CEO of Venture Communications

An entrepreneurial David who has fought many Goliaths, Anthony Lacavera understands
what it takes to compete and win, and in this awesome book he shows us how
we can shift our economy into innovation-led SUPERGROWTH mode.

Michael Serbinis, Founder and CEO of League

Canadian entrepreneurs have the talent to build amazing companies.
How We Can Win shows us what the challenges are, why people give up
and go to Silicon Valley, and how to get them to stay.
Because if we can’t, we are in big trouble.

Ted Livingston, Founder and CEO, Kik