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Launched in 1998, we have invested in more than 200 early stage technologies companies around the world, with 125 companies currently in our portfolio. At Globalive, our diversified portfolio includes investments in sectors spanning telecommunications to media, real estate and financial services.

In our venture portfolio we take a founder centric approach and invest in series pre-seed through series A rounds in businesses across industries such as HRtech, Realtech, Fintech, Healthtech, Biotech and drone technologies. We are most active with series A stage companies who are well-positioned to leverage our operating experience, global network and track record in accelerating early stage businesses.




Name Year Country
Redesign Health 2018 US
Vantage Data Centers 2010 US
Zoocasa 2015 CANADA
Talkatoo 2021 CANADA
Wellness Living 2019 CANADA
Wisk Solutions 2018 CANADA
Xanadu Quantum 2016 CANADA
ResQ 2017 CANADA
Sheertex 2017 CANADA
Skywatch 2015 CANADA
StackAdapt 2019 CANADA
Plantiga 2021 CANADA
MeazureUp 2020 CANADA
Kira Talent 2015 CANADA
Kepler Communications 2016 CANADA
Highline Beta 2017 CANADA
Genecis Bioindustries 2018 CANADA
Fable Tech Labs 2020 CANADA
Espresso Capital 2017 CANADA
Clearpath Robotics 2016 CANADA
VitalHub 2017 CANADA
Blue J Legal 2015 CANADA
Alt Tex 2021 CANADA
7Shifts 2016 CANADA
TouchBistro 2015 CANADA

We create and build sustainable businesses with a long-term investment view. The Globalive Venture Studio provides operational support to its companies and helps them scale internationally.

Our seasoned industry experts partner with entrepreneurs across multiple industries to launch and grow profitable businesses. At Globalive we collaborate with founders to accelerate the startup process and leverage our network to attract world-class talent, raise capital and compete in the global marketplace.

Name Year
WIND Mobile was rebranded Freedom Mobile in 2016 and is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider. Freedom mobile has over 1,100,000 active subscribers and is Canada’s fourth-largest mobile operator. *Acquired by Shaw Communications, 2016
Wind Mobile 2008
Yak Communications provides Canadians telecommunication, long distance, and internet services. Yak Communications serves over 1 million Canadian households. *Acquired by Distributel Communications, 2016
Yak 1999
OneConnect Services brings new communications technologies to small and medium sized Canadian businesses. OneConnect Services provides hosted VoIP, integrated voice, network, collaboration, and cloud services. *Acquired by Accelerated Connections, 2016
OneConnect 2003
Pragmatic Conferencing is a conferencing and collaborations company specializing in audio, web, and video conferencing.
Pragmatic 2007
Globalive Media is a premier curator and producer of multimedia content focused on business, technology and innovation. Globalive Media managers and producers Beyond Innovation, a content platform and television show uncovering the world’s new and emerging technologies that are changing the way we live and do business.
Globalive Media 2017
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